ARK:ORION Release Alt Rock Track ‘Forever’

Forever is an understandably grand undertaking. The idea of eternity, the idea of anything lasting through a life where everything passes, is a concept to be revered. ARK:ORION finds a way to communicate this powerful specter with the proper combination of earned grit and steely readiness. With guitars that echo into the unknown and a pair of vocals that feel warm and familiar in a way that only the vulnerable know how to be. Forever is a track that doesn’t take its subject matter lightly, but treads forward knowingly. This is music that can lead you when you’re uncertain.

While it takes a bit longer than your standard rock hit, the interludes are all part of a worthwhile journey. There’s more here than a great vocal in the front. The instrumentals build and break in fantastic ways that illustrate cohesion between the group members that some bands never quite manage. There’s a bit of country-driven heartache influencing the overall rock ballad, but not so far that you can’t enjoy this on a crowded city street or anywhere you need a bit of a push to get through the day. ARK:ORION is carrying the torch for some of the great rock bands before them, and there’s no shame in being ready to let them carry it as long as they need to. It’s comforting knowing that music is one thing we can count on to live forever.

-Paul Weyer

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