Arizona born Jon Davis impresses with the breakup anthem of 2020 ”Goodbye”

Some people are so ruthless with your heart. They treat you how they wish and are quick to end things to suit their own needs. There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough and cut the cord. You want to be happy and you feel like it’s the right time to be single again.

Jon Davis is a performer that has that extra special voice. He sings so purely and with absolute joy. The enjoyment levels are sky high and he has a soul vibe that can’t be taught. He just has it. I feel his uplifting music in my bones and just want to see him live and get a closer look. Coming from an acting and classical training background helps a lot as confidence is no problem. Jon doesn’t overdo it like some artists however. You can feel that he is humble and is on a mission to get his music heard all over the world.

Goodbye’‘ is in my opinion the breakup anthem of 2020. It’s been a strange year and we all just want it to end. Jon Davis strides through with confidence and to tell us all that no one is going to play him any further. With such soul and a funky beat, this is a top song that will certainly get radio and playlist love all over the globe. A full album is due for later on this year and it is already much-awaited.

Stream this song and more on Spotify from this young artist with a massive future.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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