Aric Thejoneskid releases ‘Not Worried’

Aric may have been started his musical journey in the tough South Side streets of Chicago, but Not Worried speaks more to the vibe of his adopted California home.  A fluid and meandering, ambient West Coast groove flows meditatively under his soothing and soulful chant leaving the grit of those formative northern streets behind and tapping into a more restorative mood.

If Rap, Hip-Hop and R&B often seem to have a self-aggrandising and passive-aggressive tone, sometimes without the passive, here we find Aric building a platform which any of those genres could use to promote a more positive, less self-centred and more connected movement. There is power in subtlety and it is the ability Aric has to strip his music back to a seeming less manufactured and more organic essence is something than makes this very powerful indeed.

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