Ari B Comes Correct With A Subtle Pop-Dance Song Termed “Just Get Me”

At once historical and eerily current — like an A-list artist that belongs to where the game is all headed at the moment, Ari B a distinctively talented female music artist from Boston, Massachusetts. She laid it down in the right position once more time with this new song she titled “Just Get Me”.

Ari B is an extraordinary female artist who works as an army of one. She can sing, she sure knows how to move that body so damn well and she’s a pretty good performer. The release of her highly anticipated new single “Just Get Me”; which was due for release in all major stores since February 9th has in it a delectable number of various collaborators like Justin Gerrish (Charlie XCX, John Mayor, Vampire Weekend), Sangwook and ‘Sunny’ Nam (Barbara Streisand, Carole King, Billy Ray Cyrus).

This new single from Ari B is accompanied by a powerful visual. This song is so beautifully stuffed with nice choreography moves, good sound quality and an excellent visual quality. She is seemingly unstoppable.

“Just Get Me” is that type of song that confirms the notion that whatever a man can do, a woman can equally do same even better.  Ari B gave us a pop song that can as well translate to a “Body-Shake-Anthem” kind of song.

The melody of the song is quite catchy and it’s even more enchanting to watch those dance moves. Watching those dance moves will always keep you wanting more. The lyrics of this song are written with an unflinching clarity.

Overall, this song is just searingly, beautifully written and well laid in terms of its portraiture, sound quality and choreography.

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