Arem – Pusha T: Hip Hop Country Mash-Up You Never Knew You Needed on Your Playlists

If you’ve already got a favourite Hip Hop/Country mash-up track, Arem’s latest single “Pusha T” may just be the one to knock it off the top spot. Or, even more likely, you’re wondering how you can seamlessly weave the two seemingly contrasting genres together. The answer to that question would be through pure prodigal flow. Which Arem clearly demonstrated he had when he fused the two contrasting genres together to make an alternative urban track that carries authentically fresh waves of bounce and rhythm. The Country element to Pusha T which came courtesy of the deep swells of the acoustic guitar sat synergistically against the melodically lucid trap beat.

If Arem’s charismatic Rap verses weren’t enough for you, he’s also thrown verses from Jay Z’s “Drug Dealer Anonymous” into the mix, which allows the track to have a sense of familiarity. Yet, talent-wise, I really wouldn’t say that there’s much that stands between Arem and the infamous Hip Hop artist. You’ll want to listen to the track yourself before you judge me on making that claim.

You can check out Arem’s latest single Pusha T for yourselves now by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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