Arcade Hearts “Running” Hits Hard And Fast With Energy

With modern indie music finding every possible crevice between hybrid genres, we shouldn’t be surprised that people are trying to bring back disco. Arcade hearts recognize that their music isn’t here for subtle nuance and avant-garde, textural soundscapes. They aren’t here to beat around the bush and hope someone finds an exotic beat catchy. In fact, the song Running hits hard and fast with energy that far too many have forgotten. This isn’t the disco of yesteryear, but a refined, dense and efficient machine sent here to wake up the seated audiences and get them jumping for joy. Even if you don’t think it your style, this is music that anyone should be able to enjoy.

Running is powerful and has a mix that maintains a constant sense of motion. It seems to take some nods from today’s chaotic synth acts like Passion Pit while also delivering blistering, unapologetic lead guitar tones from straight out of your favorite 80s jams. Disco may be dead, but Arcade Hearts are still beating and they’ve taken some of the best of alternative culture’s ever-growing playlists and set them Running.

-Paul Weyer

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