Arcade Daydream – Rainbow Road: Synth-Led EDM Carving Out the Contemporary Curve

There aren’t many soundscapes which are as easy to slip into as Arcade Daydream’s latest single “Rainbow Road”, if you have a lot of love for modular synths, it won’t be all too long before you’re enamoured by the up and coming artist’s instrumental mixes. Even though Rainbow Road doesn’t fall into the ambient category, the single is still melodic enough to provide an aural experience which runs through offering pure catharsis. Thankfully, Arcade Daydream is of the same opinion as me that 80s synth nostalgia had it’s time back in the 80s, but there’s no disputing what century tracks such as Rainbow Road belong in. The standard of the production is exceptional, with every pitch sitting at the perfect level, Rainbow Road is a track you’ll definitely want to crank up to get even deeper into the progressive sound.

You can check out Arcade Daydream’s latest single Rainbow Road via their official website where you can also pick up some awesome merch!

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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