A&R Factory Present: Apsley

Apsley found his love for music behind the drums at the age of 6. By high school, he was touring full time in a rock group while finishing his schooling online. His roots expanded by playing styles including rock, electronic, pop, hip-hip, and R&B. Along the way, he picked up a love for piano, guitar and singing as well. In the beginning of 2016, he put them all together and started writing for his new solo project, Apsley. He spent the whole year tucked away writing more than 40 tracks with big plans for 2017.

Sold is a song of realization, realizing that all of the pressures bestowed upon us by culture and society can suffocate us from seeing the truth. Are we truly making our own decisions or are we pressured by the fear to always do the right thing in society’s perspective? Understanding this is our first step to living purposefully, then we can grow to let go of fear and see the truth from our own eyes.


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