Ape-ex – Broken Valentine: Feverishly Experimental Hip Hop

Up and coming Hip Hop artist Ape-ex certainly didn’t hold back when it came to throwing his undiluted passion into his latest single “Broken Valentine”. If you’re looking for your average Hip Hop beat, you may be slightly disappointed in the artist’s second release which utilises a potent amount of experimentalism. Instead of your usual Trap beat, Ape-ex uses fuzzy retro synth lines as the perfect platform to lay down his chaotic and feverish Rap vocals.

With Broken Valentine Ape-ex seemed to prove that all of the urban hits were orchestrated to express piercing emotion sound positively flat in comparison. While it may have not been the easiest track to listen to, or even make sense of the vocals due to the frantic delivery, no one can deny that the virile emotion which coursed through the track wasn’t impressive. We can’t wait to hear what Ape-ex cooks up in his future mixes. His tracks will always be a breath of fresh air in the sea of crass Hip Hop assimilations

You can check out Broken Valentine for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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