Anthony Russell & Veretski Pass – “Rosie” : A New Eclectic Blend Of Styles

Sometimes you just come across a piece of music that leaves you mesmerized, intently observing all the sounds and sonic space that you are experiencing, literally getting lost in the colors and textures the music has to offer. “Rosie,” from the project “Convergence” is one of those songs, and Anthony Russell together with Veretski Pass know just how to deliver this by fusing extremely contrasting styles into one outstandingly authentic sound.

“Convergence” is a project which aims at creating a new musical idiom through the unprecedented combination of African American spirituals and the music of Jewish Eastern Europe. And indeed it has succeeded to do so, showcasing a vast array of inspiration from around the world. It has elements of Contemporary Classical singing, sharp percussive sonorities and a hauntingly etherial arrangement of strings, accordion and piano.

“Rosie.” is simply something that you just don’t want to skip listening to. It is brilliantly creative and convincing with an authentic artistic vision. Go ahead and check it out now on Soundcloud.

Sarah Marie Bugeja

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