Annie Tisshaw takes us back to ‘Last Night’ with her confessionally powerful pop single

‘Last Night’ is the latest confessionally powerful pop single from Norfolk-born singer-songwriter, Annie Tisshaw, with classical piano training behind her and resounding vocals to project, it’s impossible not to pay attention to the intense indie neo-classic ballad.

In the same way Kate Nash’s ‘Foundations’ leaves you gripped by the amorous drama, Last Night suckers you in through narrative lyrics brought to life with Annie Tisshaw’s striking vocals which also carry a classical touch.

After making an unapologetically feminist debut with ‘My Body’ in 2019, Annie Tisshaw has consistently exhibited her dynamism through her discography, needless to say, we’re already excited to hear what comes next from the magnetically multifaceted artist.

Last Night is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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