Angelo V’s Reggae Rock Masterpiece “Medusa” Receives the Prog House Treatment with the Abludo Remix

If you’re looking a hypnotic aural serving of transcendentally energised catharsis, look no further than the Abludo Remix of London-based singer, guitarist and songwriter Angelo V’s single “Medusa”.

The progressive single utilises its extended length to treat you to a soundscape which is constantly evolving and simultaneously leaving you even more immersed in the warm multi-layered mix which offers plenty of rhythm, bass and mesmerism. Yet, thanks to the sticky-sweet reverb which has been poured over Medusa in the Abludo Remix, there’s still an incredibly mellifluous feel to single. While Abludo’s remix infuses plenty of adrenaline into the track, Angelo’s unique mixture of guitar-led Reggae Rock remains as arrestingly potent just as it does in the original version.

To hear such a raw, bluesy Indie Rock hit receive an EDM reinvention is nothing short of captivating.

You can check out Medusa -Abludo Remix for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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