AndyJMotion has dropped latest single Lights

Artist AndyJMotion dropped his single ‘Lights’, embracing his New Wave sound and having a fast pace flow and an infectious rhythm.

Having that repetition of the lyrics bouncing back and forth, using humming to kick start the Rap, the vocal ranges are fairly raspy and tend to have this rather harsh texture to them as they go from being fairly flat to stretching out to amp up the volume, and the voice does tend to crack in a rather brittle way in parts.

The overall rhythm is upbeat, it keeps the flow going steady and pulses through the vocals as it tends to stay simple but still has its own lively feeling to it, as it tends to flow in and out of other elements, coming in louder and fading out quicker. Towards the end, the guitar like sound begins to climb out of the background and give it this dose of edginess.

Be sure to check this one out by AndyJMotion it’s definitely got a catchy beat.

Listen to AndyJ Motion Lights by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

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