‘Andrew Ripper’ Releases His New Single ‘Jack and Rose’

Andrew Ripper is one of the most well-respected names in the dancehall music scene. His sound is colorful, groovy and dense, echoing his Zambian roots.

Andrew has been living in Norway since the age of 15, but he has never forsaken his ancestral roots, which still play a very important role in his sound. His recent single, “Jack and Rose”, is a particularly striking example of his formula.

The song has a very positive message, which highlights the importance of love in this world, as a force that could overcome pretty much anything, including racial differences, culture and background. The name of the song is inspired by the iconic characters made famous by the “Titanic” movie, and it symbolizes the fact that love can really transcend everything. Musically, the tune is a flavorful combination of Zambian Dancehall and modern music with an edgy twist.

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