Andrew Masseurs – Ghost: Melancholy has a New Alt Rock Edge

Andrew Masseurs Alternative Rock edge is incomparable with pretty much every other soundscape from the genre. His debut single Ghost, could almost be accurately described as U2’s synthy cousin, within his slightly pensive Ambient Electro Pop style he merges a solidly rhythmic bassline, with crisp snapping beats and sonorous vocals under a swirling harmony. The New Zealand Pop Rock artist reaches pioneeringly fabulous adventurous sounds.

On his musical journey, he has branched off from New Zealand band AMMP to create a sound that would surely resonate with any Billy Corgan fans. Yet, there’s something uniquely beguiling about Andrew Masseurs style that words can’t touch upon. After learning that Andrew plays all his own instrumentals and mixes his own tracks, it’s impossible to not be a little bit in awe of his eclectic talents.

So if you want to mix up your Alt Rock play lists you can check out Andrew Masseurs debut hit Ghost on SoundCloud

To stay up to date with all Andrew Masseurs melancholic mixes follow his official Facebook page.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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