Amie K – Bliss: Organically Uplifting Folk Pop

Amie K

If you’re always on the hunt for striking vocals, prepare to be aurally pierced by up and coming Folk-Pop artist Amie K’s latest single “Bliss”

There may already be plenty of uplifting Pop singles on the airwaves. Yet Amie K was able to project euphorically-laced passion in a completely organic way which amplified the resonance in the bright mood-boosting hit. All too often emotion feels forced or plasticised. Yet, Bliss will leave you under the impression that it contains a piece of Amie K’s soul.

The single was inspired by the feeling of elation felt when you take a moment to reflect on your life with gratitude and get to experience that often inexpressible swell of visceral joy. Somehow, Amie K found a way to infuse that gratified ecstacy into a blissfully empowering soundscape which drips with commercial appeal.

You can check out Bliss for yourselves from January 24th via Spotify.

Keep up to date with the UK-based artist’s latest releases and news by heading over to their Facebook page.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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