Music is by far one of the very few special things which are able to help us, evolve, learn from life and get back on our feet after rough situations. ALX’s song “heartbreak” is a perfect example of this but it is not only written as a vent to let things go but it also makes use of a creative approach which blends pop with hip-hop, providing us with a singable and melodic chorus as well as some really punchy rap verses featuring interesting rhythmic play and flow.

The initial chorus at the very beginning puts us in the shoes of the writer, right at the specific instance of letting someone go but as the rap sections unfold, the vocal tone quality exhibits even more strength and conviction with strong lyrics and a steady beat. Towards the end of the song ALX presents us with a tunefully melodic bridge accompanied by a toned down arrangement and a mellower sound which really allows the lyrics to sink in. Apart from having a song that is expressive ALX also shows us his skills at writing with proper structural balance while blending two genres seamlessly and showing us the power that music can really have.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


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