Always Been A Boss: NYC rapper YN ROCKY shows us his purpose on ‘Wouldn’t Understand’

Slowly sliding the knife out of his back with rare calmness you don’t see often, YN ROCKY realizes that this journey will be a tough one but ultimately worth it as he achieves all of his goals on the boss-mentality new single ‘Wouldn’t Understand‘.

Shanime Williams aka YN ROCKY is a New Rochelle, New York-based indie hip-hop solo artist who raps with a smooth conviction of someone who can deal with pressure and emerge victoriously.

Putting his stamp on the game that needs new heroes in capes to emerge from the lonely darkness, YN ROCKY displays his breathless bars in an enlightened format that shows you that he is for real. After dealing with so much disloyalty growing up, it feels like he has decided to rise above the tide – and showcase strength when others are praying for him to fail – with a street-filled track that has you in a massively contemplative mood.

Wouldn’t Understand‘ from New Rochelle, New York-based indie hip-hop solo artist YN ROCKY is an underground release for anyone who gets that you will, unfortunately, have to deal with extra if you chose to be your own leader. Instead of following others and making them rich, this is a man with a true intention who certainly delivers when he needs to. With a catchy beat and consistent flows from an artist on a mission to the top, this is an anthem for all the hustlers out there who don’t stop to nap when there is work to be done.

Check out the YouTube audio and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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