Alternative R&B artist Mulini hits sombre tones with new release MANIC

UK-based R&B songwriter Mulini has released his new track MANIC from his debut EP ‘Night Time’. 

It’s a strong, sombre performance with Mulini’s working-class-James-Blake-style vocals rising out of an airy synthy soundscape. His dark-sky, windy pop is well-written, and well produced, with MANIC showcasing a fair bit of potential from the alt-R&B artist on here. It has that right amount of moany-crooning throughout, and a strong choice for that listening indoors and staring out the window vibe. 

The standout is most notably his vibrato performance – it skillfully wavers through the first verse and coalesces into a chorus with an almost-unintended catchiness to it that helped give this track multiple listens. MANIC is well worth one of those listens for fans of this kind of sombre, melancholic sad-pop.

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