Alt Rock Meets Trap in BLVCK ZEDSU’s Latest Single “Insomnia”

If you were under the impression that sad Hip Hop couldn’t be fire, you may want to check out BLVCK ZEDSU’s recently dropped single “Insomnia”.

Mixing pensive alt-rock guitars with solid trap beats allowed Insomnia to become a universally accessible hit which easily hooks you in through the harrowed melodies. Unlike most Hip Hop which sits on the more melancholic side, Insomnia wasn’t a display of self-pity, it was raw, resonant, honest expression versed through witty bars.

While BLVCK ZEDSU can lyrically hold their own, they brought in Rap artist Cliiiford, to introduce more chemistry and yet another dynamic into the experimentally unforgettable mix which constantly evolves throughout the duration.

You can check out BLVCK ZEDSU’s track Insomnia for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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