Alt Punk artist Karl Meyer has made their debut with the explosively caustic album “Career Ending Move”

Punk fans of all inclinations are going to want to check out the debut solo “Career Ending Move” album from artist Karl Meyer.

While each of the tracks is a high-octane blast of magnetic angst, the best introduction to their sound is the single “Detractors”. If you find yourself constantly in search for the most chaotic soundscapes on the airwaves, Detractors is definitely a single for you. There are elements of No Wave, Post Punk and Old School Anarcho-Punk all weaved into the mix allowing it to resonate as fresh, but familiarly accessible.

Thankfully, unlike 70s Punk artists, Karl Meyer is more than instrumentally proficient which is palpable from the Oh Sees-style caustic riffs which carve out infectious electronically-charged rhythm creating the perfect platform for their biting vocals.

You can check out Karl Meyer’s single Detractors along with their debut album Career Ending Move for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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