Alt-Hip Hop artist Kai Thursday steers us inside his psychedelics-loaded mind on ‘350blows’

With an astute harmonious pencil streaming deeply from his visionary mind and featuring a Dennis Rodman reference, Kai Thursday shows us that he is prepared for the next step as he dreams his way into that manifestation that he knows is possible on ‘350blows‘.

Kai Thursday is a Cape Town, South Africa/Canada-based indie neo-psychedelia alt-Hip hop artist, skateboarder and music producer.

The record is produced by longtime collaborator Hashi, formerly known as Andrew James. The music video for 350 Blows was shot, edited and directed by ingenious filmmaker, Jacob Webster.” ~ Kai Thursday

Showing us that he is headed in the right direction as he closes his eyes and visualizes where exactly he wishes to land when his intellect is back into reality after this important expedition, Kai Thursday might be one of the most fascinating artists on planet earth right now.

350 Blows is an immersive outlook on his day to days during spring of 2021, travelling across South Africa with his skate team. A day in the life of a creative twenty-two-year-old street-fashion aficionado, experimenting with psychedelics and finding inspiration in Spielberg classics.” ~ Kai Thursday

350blows‘ from Cape Town, South Africa/Canada-based indie neo-psychedelia alt-Hip hop artist/music producer Kai Thursday, is a highly innovative single from a sharp mind who is floating right now as he works out what is real and what isn’t. After seeing the world for what it is – this feels like a statement track that is opening up a whole new path – from an underground artist who wants that success so badly but will never sell his soul for the sake of his priceless art.

See his innovative new music video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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