Allyson Band Reinvents a Classic with a Cover of “Hellhole Ratrace” (Keith Sweaty Remix)

Any fans of the original “Hellhole Ratrace” by GIRLS (and let’s face it there should be a lot of you) are sure to appreciate Allyson Band’s ambiently mellow cover version which been remixed by the deft rhythmic hands of Keith Sweaty.

The original version carried an ample amount of concordant catharsis which spilt through the slightly vintage soundscape, yet, with Allyson Band’s inventive reimagining, the track has been resurrected with a new contemporary resonance. Despite the contemporary feel on the polished production, none of the blissful original ambience behind Hellhole Ratrace has been lost.

10 years have passed since the track’s original release, yet Hellhole Ratrace still remains the perfect track to put on your vibey playlists thanks to Allyson Band’s dexterous innovative approach.

You can check out Keith Sweaty’s Remix of Hellhole Ratrace for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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