All That I Can Do: Twivee embraces the pain which ultimately made him stronger on ‘Dedication’ (feat. Josh Bailey)

With a sensational flow which is full of that soulful purpose that has that added steadfast belief intertwined securely like a scout knot, Twivee opens up our minds to what is actually possible if you put the much-needed hard work in to succeed where others have failed on ‘Dedication(feat. Josh Bailey).

Twivee is a highly respected UK-based indie hip-hop/RnB artist, skilled songwriter, mixer and music producer. He makes the type of glorious vibe which has you feeling like you can actually achieve anything you set your mind to.

I like to see Dedication as me expressing the journey we go on as an artist, it’s like the contrast of light and darkness. I wanted to get straight to the point and really express how I feel about where I currently am with the music, while reflecting on how far I’ve come too.” ~ Twivee

Showing us his highly impressive steely determination which is so inspiring in this often lazy world full of excuses – and an unshakable belief to win that is entrenched into his whole aura – this is a message which is all about never giving up and feeling grateful in where you are now in life.

With so much carnage around in this destructive world with sneaky temptations at every corner calling your name if you let them – this is that top shelf track that simmers hot into your flaming soul to reignite that hunger – which you need to succeed in this cutthroat world.

Dedication(feat. Josh Bailey) from the UK-based hip-hop/RnB artist and music producer Twivee, is a gave-my-all type of track that has you reaching for that mountain you wish to conquer. He has a breathtaking flow which is full of spark-filled determination that is taking him higher and into the clouds he wants to reach, as the dream only seems to glow brighter throughout this soothing new single. Made with a real world class energy, you can’t help put turn up the volume and share this with all your mates.

Inspiring each other to never give up, is the way way to create bonds that will last until the end of time.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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