All Lies And No Truths: J.Hustles aims to avoid those soul-destroying ‘Grey Skies’

As he packs up and wonders why he stayed for so long, J.Hustles can’t believe that they thought he would actually stay in the doom and gloomy ‘Grey Skies‘.

J.Hustles is a Los Angeles, California singer-songwriter, actor and indie hip-hop artist. He makes a sterling blend of real life experiences, that simmers all over your soul to bring you into the moment forever.

J. Hustles is a former Sway in the morning Get in the game artist on Shade45 that has an extensive resume with TV and film song placements.” ~ J.Hustles

With an honest tone of introspection and lyrics that have you thinking of moving on despite the good times that were had, this is a well-made track from an established artist who only seems to make top tracks with meaning.

He flows stirringly and takes us in the room where he is getting all his belongings together, wondering if it was all worth it to go through so much pain. After being lied to for so long, the exit has been ready for a while now and its time to say goodbye forever.

Hustles has released 3 studio albums and has worked with many hip hop legends from The Pharcydes Fatlip, the YoungBloodz, MC Juice, City James and more.” ~ J.Hustles

Grey Skies‘ from Los Angeles, California singer/actor/hip-hop artist J.Hustles, is that song to play on blast when you are getting ready to leave after a long relationship. You tried your best to make it work but it didn’t quite happen, as you feel that you two just end up fighting all the time. The clouds have darkened and its time to find those brighter days with lots of sunny weather, so you may reclaim your soul. Being happy at home is the only way to find that ultimate freedom.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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