All Day Riding Our Bikes: Mr Streetz recalls those classic times on 80s Kid

Impressively fusing our world back into a better time so many treasure fondly, Mr Streetz returns with the tremendous new single which we can learn from called 80s Kid.

Mr Streetz is a London, UK-based indie hip hop artist who spits the truth on each one of his blazing soundtracks to remember forever.

Lacing down a track with so much love and memorable lyrics, Mr Streetz reminds so many what it was like to live in an era which had so much innocence. Lyrically hard and featuring ferocious bars to power rocket ships, this is a pulsating single to remember with.

80s Kid from London, UK-based indie hip hop artist Mr Streetz is a song which shows us how so much has changed. With Walkmans in tune and devoid of internet, this is a formidable soundtrack. Dropping us into the past and guiding us through so many jubilant times, we find a supreme song to hold on tightly with.

Recalling those happy times shall bring a smile when its needed most.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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