Ali Brustofski – Oh No! From Teen Pop To A Shock of Soulful Electrifying Synthy Harmony

Oh No! is the brand new single from the New York Pop sensation Ali Brustofski. Unless you’ve been living in a wifi-less cave for the last few years, you really have no excuse not to have stumbled across her sensational contributions to the Pop scene. With her first single ‘When I Fall’ receiving over 185,000 plays on Spotify, Brustofski is taking the scene by storm. With a set of pipes that allows her to stand against other female vocalists such as Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse the sky is definitely limit for her boundless synthy sound.

With her first single Ali Brustofski introduced her sound as Teen Pop idol it is with her second release that the artist really stamped her style into her sound which is layers with catchy hooks, tantalising drops and electrifying synths. There’s an irresistible amount of energy behind her track that can be appreciated whether you’ve been down with Pop since the 60’s or started out with a One Direction CD.

Check out Ali Brustofki’s second single on Soundcloud using the link below:

For more info & music from the voice behind the future of Pop head on over to Ali Brustofski’s official website:

Review by Amelia Vanderast

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