Alexander Augusti – When We Made It: Who Doesn’t Love Romantic Nihilism?

‘Some people make you suffer just by being alive’… is there a more perfect way of kicking off an R&B Indie Pop track? This nihilist doesn’t think so anyway. Alexander Augusti’s realism within his verses is just one of the reason’s I fell in love with his pensive approach to the usually superficially cheery genre. It’s about time someone tackled the real issues in the Pop genre, turns out Alexander Augusti was Pop’s salvation with his latest single When We Made It. The Swedish singer, songwriter and producer has a holistically arresting approach to his music, with his lyrics, organically poised vocal ability and his ability to create an immersive Trap Pop style beat he is indisputably the perfect package. His pioneering approach to his soundscapes stem from his perceptible passion for African American music to create an infusion of sounds that you don’t stumble across every day. The level of emotion that the young emerging artist exuded with his latest single proved that poignancy through lyricism doesn’t come with age, with his lyrics, he projects a narrative of evocatively harmonious emotion.

You can check out Alexander Augusti’s latest track When We Made It on Spotify now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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