Alex Travers – Wonderful Wonderland: Captivatingly Decadent Indie Folk

Alex Travers latest single “Wonderful Wonderland” is pretty much an aural offering of just what it says on the tin. From the first verse, there was the affirmation that Alex Travers’ conceptually bold style of neo-classically infused, darkly jazzy, captivatingly decadent sound is one that I’d never forget.

The up and coming Indie Folk artist has a daringly eccentric, psychedelically enamouring approach to their soundscapes which come together to offer indulgently smooth alchemic experiences. If you could imagine a cross between Nick Cave and Elliot Smith, you’d get a fairly good idea of what you can expect from Alex Travers. Their ability as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter is beyond words.  I can’t recommend that you check out Wonderful Wonderland enough.

You can check out Alex Travers’ single Wonderful Wonderland for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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