Alex Michels – Melancholy: Well, Someone Had to Take Over from Morrissey

Alex Michels

Since I can no longer stomach listening to Morrissey, it’s about time I went out in search of other pensive purveyors of passion. Alex Michels fit the bill perfectly. The up & coming artists latest single Melancholy had me subdued after the first few notes. As I allowed the morose notes wash over me with no expectation of progression within the track, yet with an unexpected, genius twist Michels knocks up the pitch of the track for a blinding finale which could only be described as an ambiently raucous outburst. At the start of the track I feigned a slight reminiscence between Alex Michels vocals to David Bowie (he did it better than Arctic Monkeys), but then towards the end, his vocals carried the same harrowed style as some of my favourite Post-Punk vocalists.

I’m almost in a little bit of disbelief that Melancholy along with the rest of the tracks from Alex Michels latest album ‘Lone Wolf’ were orchestrated by a 20 year old. There is so much maturity, complexity and depth riddled within the songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producers style it’s almost unfathomable.

You can be sobered by Alex Michels latest single Melancholy which was released on May 4th, 2018 on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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