Alex Balanko’s new “Home” is sure to leave you with a thought provoking and lasting impression

While the typical subject matter of mainstream pop songs focuses on themes of love and romance, Alex Balanko’s “Home” surprises everyone with lyrics that are raw, strong and sensitive in nature while skilfully maintaining a light and uplifting texture in his music. The straight forward and ear friendly pop chord progression in a tasteful arrangement allows a set of engaging and narrative lyrics to shine through in a touching and emotionally natural performance. After the initial verse which sets up the light yet strong basis, the catchy chorus is also guaranteed to pull you in with its steady rhythm and vibrant piano chord voicings which will definitely have you singing along to a tuneful melody

Apart from his vibrant and confident performance, Alex Balanko, manages to tackle the concept of breaking free from some of life’s most difficult struggles through a song that combines musical and instrumental simplicity with a powerful lyric that leaves a lasting impression. Aside from this, the captivating music video accompanying the track really manages to portray the whole artistic vision and message behind the song. The flowing and steady rhythms in combination with an ear-friendly song with heart felt lyrics truly exhibits commercial potential and Alex’s creative and competent artistry, daring to delve into sensitive subject matter through a natural performance and a song which truly makes the listener feel at home.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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