Alex Alex – Something Else Poised & Poignant Pop

Up & coming Pop artist Alex Alex has just released his second single Something Else, and it’s quite literally that. The ethereal soundscape which was so deftly composed runs with a melodic tempo, making it the perfect track just to slip into. His succinct, soft, vocal styling projects the pensive vocals in a way which makes the sentimentality of the track truly resonate. There aren’t many Pop artists with the ability to create an ambient melody which at the same time is so momentously amplified through the hook and groove of the track.

So, if you want a Pop track to take you to another plateau, you can check out Alex Alex’s latest single Something Else on SoundCloud now along with his the live rendition of his first single A Thousand Times which stands as testament to how naturally raw Alex Alex’s conceptual style truly is. Not that his debut single Something Else allowed you to doubt that for a second. With the ability to create acoustic tracks as immersive as his polished Pop hits, I’m seriously excited to see what the emerging artist has in the pipelines.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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