Album Review: ‘Lockdown: The Playlist’ from Lucas Ramsell

Lockdown: The Playlist‘ from Lucas Ramsell is the latest album from Aylesbury in English artist.

Lucas Ramsell is an alternative Hip-Hop/RnB artist hailing from London Town. The soundtrack to hazy nights and even even hazier mornings, he treads the line between genre’s through mixing his confessional indie inspired lyrics with sharp urban production. Waves, Vibes and Sad Songs Sometimes is the vibe of this artist.

Lucas Ramsell rolls in with this 10 track release and there are so many highlights to mention. ‘No Heart’ is probably my favourite songs as I like the deeper meaning about life on this one. The beats flows so nicely and I like the stories. ‘21 Freestyle‘ is a faithful song that shows us the strength of this musician who is now focused and always looking to improve in life.

Lockdown: The Playlist‘ from Lucas Ramsell is an artist who has had time to fully grow and took time out to become a better man. This is a way to greatness and this young musician is ready.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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