Albanus Thierry Releases New Single “Best Of You”

For some reasons beyond my scope, ‘Best Of You’ holds a great deal of romantic and sexual connotation, whether it comes from the aura which the artist exudes or just from the breezy kind of soulful charm that surrounds the music,or perhaps from the accompanied body movements as seen in the video of the song.

To much furore, Albanus Thierry released a new single titled ‘Best Of You’ on the 13th April. The single, Best Of You, has soulful charm that mixes with pop hooks so beautifully adorned with a great vocal.

The beat of the song is enthralling, you’ll even be more awestruck when you hear the soothing vocals of the artist.

Musically and conceptually — Albanus Thierry keep ascending from his past level of delivery and musical foresight to a more invigorating sight to behold. It’s no doubt that the artist would make a great on-stage musical performer while at the same time holding on to the blissful rumination through which he’s come to define himself.

The track shows that the artist is intently exploring new sonic territories and moods without losing sight of the central beauty that has kept him consistently spellbinding to listeners.

This song is an all round awesome and wonderfully delivered piece. I’m can’t wait to know what his debut album will sound like whenever he finally decides to drop the bombshell.

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