DJ Akawave’s ”Yaquanu” is a live loop Hip Hop wonderland

Edgar Weltens or as he is known in the music game- Aka Wave– is a Dutch music producer and performer based in the stunning sea-soaked South of Spain in Europe. This former bboy is a Hip Hop culture fan, sound design and ambient soundscape lover.

After lots of practice and working out what style of music he wanted play, he decided to go for a technique called Live Looping. This style has worked and organic live experiences is what Aka Wave creates.

Yaquanu” talks about the pain and suffering that stems from our modern world ignoring its own roots. We have built a system on top of nature’s system. The current system does not respect or understand the ways of nature we see suffering all around us.

The new album off the same name is an instrumental Hip Hop album that pushes the boundaries and 27 tracks are set to be released. Aka Wave has been busy.

Yaquanu” is a fantastic song and the video is so stunning that it might put you in a difference frame of mind. In a good way.

Check out Synergic Records as they helped on this release.

Stream this awesome track right here on YouTube.

Check out the Facebook page for more info on this emerging artist.

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