AkaMicLarry – Party All Night: An Energised Offering of EDM Hip Hop

Party All Night is the genre-defying latest drop by up and coming artist AkaMicLarry. Is it EDM? Is it Hip Hop? Well, it’s a little bit of both, and the infusion of the two genres provides an energised offering of mesmeric momentum. I can say with all certainty that no track deserves to be on your party playlists. You’d hope for an offering of euphoria from a track called Party All Night, but what AkaMicLarry offers is a high-octane weaving of energised beats which flow to the perfect rhythm. Whilst the track would have sounded a little better with a smoother prelude the track is otherwise flawless and the Rap artist’s verses didn’t fail to resonate.

You can check out the mesmeric official Virtual Reality/360degrees video to Party All Night by heading over to YouTube from September 11th, (View 360/VR only through the official YouTube App on a mobile, and from a PC through an up to date browser such as Chrome). If I haven’t already sold AkaMicLarry’s resounding style the teaser will certainly get you hyped to hear the drop. Visit www.AkaMicLarry.com

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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