Aisyah hits the breaks in her latest cinematically sweet RnB pop single ‘Slow Down’

LA RnB singer-songwriter, Aisyah’s accoladed career may have started in the film music industry, but tracks such as her latest single, ‘Slow Down’ prove that her sound is just as evocative when it is hitting the airwaves instead of the big screen.

Slow Down was created in collaboration with RnB pop singer, Pisces Kid who brought an immersive duality to the soundscape. Anyone looking for tips on how to keep RnB pop contemporary should hit play on Slow Down and grab a pen.

Emotions may run high in the amorously intense mix which captures that all too familiar feeling of needing to hit the breaks and set boundaries in a relationship, but all in all, this smooth soul-filler boasts a rare cathartic potency which you’ll want to indulge in time and time again.

Slow Down is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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