Aiden Jansen – Raw: Viscerally Stunning Lo Fi Indie Electro Pop

Aiden Jansen’s title track from his new 2018 EP Raw quite honestly gave me chills. There aren’t many vocalists that I would positively compare to Paul Banks (Interpol), but Aiden Jansen has a beguilingly fascinating vocal style that just melts through you. The Lo Fi effect over the vocals was a genius move on Jansen’s part which added to the charming allure of the angsty lyrics. There were clearly no corners cut when it came to any aspect of Aiden Jansen’s title track Raw, the lyrics are poetic perfection. “I cut so visceral”, there was never a truer word said. The Indie Electro beat is hook heavy with all the drops that you’d expect in a Pop track, but then again Raw is no average Pop hit. The instrumentally heavy, yet synthy progression of the track against his contemporary crooning vocals is utter perfection thanks to the tantalisingly poignant Funk which comes from the blissfully harmonic rhythm of Raw. The rest of the 4 track EP is just as stunning as Raw.

Aiden Jensen’s 2018 EP Raw is now available to listen to via Spotify.

Review by (a slightly in love) Amelia Vandergast.

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