Adventures in Sydney: Really Nice bless our hearts with well-made lyric video for ‘Been a Long Time’

The 80’s type waveform of silky sound treats from Really Nice filters in rather quickly and the lyric video ‘Been a Long Time’ gives you those happy chills inside your whole body. This wonderful creation is reminder to the good old days of when life was simple and we had cassette tapes to slide into our VCR’s. A message of hope and a positive outlook is airlifted to us and the results are so satisfying.

This is the back to the future type of vibe that blows in like a lost leaf from outside in the garden. Simple times indeed. These are happy memories.

This indie-pop electronic feel is so pleasurable and the lyric video is so well-done to make you sing along as intended. This is a message of hope among darkness with the Sydney act leading the way as their country removes the shackles and breaks free- cautiously- back to a kind of normal world again.

The Australian band feature a massive lizard, birds and a few dogs along with sultry vocals that blends into your soul like a fresh pair of shoes. This is all about getting that sign and just going for it as you know that this is your time to soar in life, and not be held back on a leash any longer. You take a deep breath and marvel at the simple and effective message here which is a needed one at that too.

With so much bad news around, this is a positive message from Really Nice believe in yourself and do what makes you happy. It’s ‘Been a Long Time’ but to dream and jump up to reach your goals; is the only way to grow and be who you want to be.

Stream their new track via YouTube and see more music adventures on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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