Addicted To Money Present – JUK$ x Bam Bino “We Great”

We Great is the sound of things being taken back to basics. A pulsing bass and backbeat build the most minimal of structures and washes of electronica float through, colouring the space slightly but most of the work is done by the scatter gun salvos of vocals. Not just the lead lines, high velocity rap and in your face lyrical assaults but the secondary deliveries which fly past, shoot through and generally take the place of conventional instruments.

The track is loud, hyper and instantly catchy, there isn’t a moment throughout it when these two rappers don’t sound completely, endearingly stoked. There is an amazingly revolutionary on-line movement at the moment, one that has seen Soundcloud rappers bypassing the money men and taking their DIY music to millions, creating a scene and a reach that the major labels used to spend small fortunes to create. I wouldn’t be surprised if very soon we see JUK$, Bam Bino and the whole of the ATM roster heading down that same route.

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