Adam Prince King Announces New Single Release ‘Before The Sun Goes Down’

If you’re not an avid follower of steel drum music, you might find them to only be appropriate for bright, happier music. Before the sun goes down is a track that sprinkles the hope and reverence of gospel and over a deeper narrative of blues. Lending tropical flavors to such a wide array of themes feels as natural as it is creative. Picture Sufjan Stevens in a Hawaiian shirt. You can hear the resonant bells and vocals pitched in every direction already, can’t you?

Adam Prince King tackles this track with ambition as he builds layers and layers that really do require multiple listens to gather everything that’s going on. Despite an odd lack of low end to the music, the track treads on, never wasting a moment. This could even be a conscious decision, having a thematically broken foundation with a desire to change and find redemption. It’s always a pleasure to hear pop music step out of the clubs and arena stages to give a spotlight to those who are down in the dumps. Before the Sun Goes Down may not be a feel good song, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make you feel better.

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-Paul Weyer

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