Acoustic So Lucid You Have to Wonder If You’re Dreaming

If Shoegaze was played with acoustic guitars, you’d probably get a similar soundscape to what Dead Sullivan created with their latest sonorous and sweet single Kyle. I’m not sure who Kyle is, but he must be a champ if he had a track so frigging beautiful named after him.

The up and coming artist’s playful yet humble style allows the melodies to twist as they rise and fall under the deft command of the instrumentals, the build ups to the track allow the sound to venture into the progressive arena. Kyle isn’t a song you can really just listen to, it’s a song to consume as the ethereal rhythms bleed pure concordant bliss in a style which you will have heard from some of Sonic Youth’s more laid back tracks such as Superstar, it has the same piercing effect.

You can check out Dead Sullivan’s mesmerizingly transient track Kyle along with the official music video on YouTube now.

Head on over to Facebook where you can connect with the Texan one man wonder and keep up to date with all of his future releases and tell him he’s absolutely sensational.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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