Absnt Mind became the future of boy band culture with their debut single, No Strings

If you thought hook-up culture killed diehard romanticism and the time for boyband chart dominance is over, the debut single, No Strings, by the indomitable five-piece powerhouse, Absnt Mind, will make you think twice as the earworm carried by the infectious melodies beds in and starts to take control of your rhythmic pulses.

The sticky-sweet with panache and sincere desire for real connection debut ticks all the right modern pop anthem boxes while finding unique ways to seduce the listener with its euphonically catchy production.

While each member of the dynamic UK outfit harmonises to the nines, the frenetically kinetic beats drive pulsating energy into the mix, amplifying the urgency of the impassioned fervour that Absnt Mind will undoubtedly become known for as they cruise through their career and reach their natural crowning point at the top of the pop charts.

With the sun-bleached tonal hues injecting warm vibrancy into the release, there’s plenty of scope for No Strings to become the pop hit of the summer. The band’s loyal army of fans – 30k on TikTok and counting – will undoubtedly be integral to Absnt Mind’s ascent.

No Strings was officially released on June 7th; stream the single on all major platforms, including Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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