Abigail Scott’s Poignantly Raw Ballad “Damaged”

Singer-songwriter Abigail Scott’s latest single “Damaged” is one of the most poignantly powerful ballads we’ve heard in 2018. Whilst many singles skirt around superficial and clichéd meaning, Damaged digs deeper. Damaged draws up each ounce of angst harnessed and reserved for people who feel as though their own shortcomings and fragility are an excuse for damaging others. I’m fairly certain everyone will have had that experience at some point in their lives. Yet I have no do doubt that Damaged would resonate either way through the raw power of Abigail Scott’s ethereally strong vocals and emotively arresting performance.

The acoustic instrumental arrangement goes further than your average ballad soundtrack with the addition of richly textured raucous Blues Rock guitar licks to make Damaged the ultimate track to find catharsis within.

You can check out Abigail Scott’s overwhelmingly soulful ballad for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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