Abandoned Mansion – Wake Me Up: A Riddle of Grinding Funk & Groove Written in Pop Rock Lines

If you like your Prog Rock with a pinch of raucous aggression, look no further from Abandoned Mansion, with his latest track Wake Me Up he created a nostalgically guitar-driven Alt Rock track that deserves to sit in the contemporary charts.

Not content with just being a stunning recording artist, the genius behind Abandoned Mansion also dabbles in poetry alongside his stunning compositions of sound. If you could imagine if Queens of the Stone Age were incepted in the 80’s you’d get a good idea of Abandoned Mansion’s latest track Wake Me Up. The artist creates music born out of pure passion, and that’s a pretty rare feat these days. That’s without mentioning the tangible amount of talent which is written into the lines of the grindingly glorious track through the licks of the guitar against the reverb fuelled vocals.

If you’re a fan of Alternative Pop Rock you can check out Abandoned Mansion’s single Wake Me Up from their 2018 album Alien Radio on Spotify now.

To stay up to date with Abandoned Mansion’s latest releases follow him on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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