Aaron B. Thompson – Santa Monica: Delicately Powerful Indie Pop

Straight from the prelude of Aaron B. Thompson’s single “Santa Monica” you get a taste of the concordant evocative mesmerism which is about to unfold, yet there’s no predicting how the ebbs and flows of momentum will leave you intrinsically captivated in the single.

What starts off as a gentle rhythmic offering of Indie Pop Rock builds up into an intricate and technical feat of Alt-Rock which shares plenty of reminiscences with the National; especially through the angular guitar riffs, while Aaron B. Thompson’s are easily comparable to the likes of Elliot Smith.

There are very few tracks which share the same ability of Santa Monica to leave your stomach in knots, but Aaron B. Thompson’s delicate yet powerful approach to Indie is an emotive pill to swallow. It’s incredibly perceptible that this track was born from the desire of establishing a connection of resonance with the listener, and Aaron B. Thompson hit the nail on the melodic head.

I’m not crying, you are, well, you will be on the release of the single. Santa Monica is due for official release from August 30th, 2019. Head over to Aaron B. Thompson’s SoundCloud page to take a listen.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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