A thing for battle scars: Georgia’s Sarah Mootz misses their parents and ‘The Dog’ on heartfelt breakup story

With a lusciously classy voice that is so lovable you just want to hug her, Sarah Mootz is supremely self-reflective on the passionate story about being used in a relationship she regrets on ‘The Dog‘.

Sarah Mootz is a spirited Athens, Georgia indie-pop songwriter, who sings passionately with that inner desire to teach others to be themselves and to embrace their quirks and flaws, whilst always being authentic and real, no matter what the small-minded say.

Her honest vocals strike your heart instantly as you remember being in her place before, with someone that is only with you for one reason and as soon as its done, you just miss their family and that’s it. You feel like it was actually a waste of time romantically but at least you made a new friend in the pup and had a strong connection with their parents. Lyrics about not listening to your Dad adds so much to the story, when you are young you always think you know better but should of trusted their instincts.

The chorus so marvelously catchy and you can’t help but feel for her, as you close your eyes and remember those times when you thought you were with the right person. Her lyrics are so touching and the splendid soundscape takes you into a different world, while feeling sad at times but knowing that she will find her true love, through the darkness after all.

The Dog‘ from the syrup-tipped voice of Georgia’s Sarah Mootz, is a true story of being with someone that didn’t love you as much as you cared for them. The harsh but valuable lesson has been learnt and it might make you a bit colder for a while, but hopefully the warmth will come back into your heart, so you can love like you should again. Those battle scars always heal over time and make you stronger.

Hear this wonderfully authentic single on her Spotify and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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