A Special Night: The Confederation skillfully soak away our worries with ‘Coat In The Hallway’

Featuring the excellent talents of Jill Mccracken and Lynz Crichton on vocals, The Confederation return with their fifth released track on the elegantly delivered single ‘Coat In The Hallway‘.

The Confederation is a old school-sounding indie jazz/soul/pop-fused collective who bring through a sumptuously toasted music sandwich of tasty fillings – all packed into one delicious blend of deliciously memorable soundscapes –  to wet our ravenous appetites.

We are interested in the concept of bringing a ‘feeling’ to our music in the way the golden age artists did.” ~ The Confederation

The lyrics are superbly honest, as the glorious vocals mixed with a lovely ambiance all intertwines together to make sure that this is a proper listen. You feel the dashing love floating in the air around you, as your face starts to blush and remember being with a kind soul, who had the rare power to make your heart beat so much faster than before.

The Confederation is a melting pot of musical dna fusing styles from the golden past, vibrant present and exciting future of music.” ~ The Confederation

Coat In The Hallway‘ from the elegantly soulful The Confederation, is a stunning single which is full of that warmly-lit romantic wonder. This is that late-night track to play loud when you have found someone special to spend your valuable time with, as you gaze sweetly into each others eyes and imagine where things will lead to next.

Stream this fine new single on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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