A Part A Party slams down the door with stomping debut ”Stummy”


Stummy” is the brand new track from A Part A Party. He craves the love of a good woman and this pandemic hasn’t helped matters. He loves getting rubbed on his tummy and thinks out aloud about what his next move is. He is trying to keep things together and pulls in with this baseline that is so catchy. The goal of making money is vital right now and he knows the rest will come when the time is right.

The inspiration has been building for some time and you can feel the energy that has been tied up. Lock down has inspired you to put out music and you cruise through the front door. The beat is drum & bass influenced plus there is a trap Hip Hop flow to this.

There are a few genres at play here and I love the variety. The drum fused bass beat keeps you intrigued and the bars absolutely shred through the dazzled speakers.

There is so much potential here from this debut track from A Part A Party. The violin echoes through like an announcement. This new artist is here with a bang and will shine through.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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