A//lara – Stars: An Ethereally Arresting Alt 90’s Crossover

A//lara (AKA Nicolas Lara) has just released his latest single Stars and nothing, absolutely nothing could prepare me for how much I was going to adore the track. Stars is the ultimate crossover between Post Punk and Shoegaze; there are very few genre infusions that can create an aural cocktail as potent as what A//lara cooked up with his latest single. The dreamy melodies are packed with the fabulously fuzzy reverb, whilst at the same time, you get the piercing hooks from the guitar and bass, even Peter Hook would be pretty bowled over by the ethereally creeping synergy that allows this track to be resoundingly transcendental.

If you’re a fan of Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Joy Division and Lauren Lakis I can personally guarantee that you’ll find Stars as chilling and captivating as I. The Californian artist has one of the deftest sounds I’ve ever heard when it comes to orchestrating an imaginatively dark soundscape curtesy of the muted Jangle Pop Indie riffs and the quiescent vocal offering which doesn’t bleed into the rest of the mix which is archetypal of most Shoegaze outfits.

You can check out A//lara’s stunning new single Stars on Spotify now. Prepare for an instant hit of ethereal catharsis.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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